Cement company needs generated power

Thirteen Rental Power units were needed to supply power for a newly constructed cement plant near the town of Palmar for testing equipment in a newly constructed cement plant near the town of Palmar de Mexico. Cementos Cruz Azul, a producer of Portland cement, faced restrictions testing its equipment and production was stalled when the local electric utility company experienced delays building a power transmission line to the plant. According to Ignacio Cruz, plant manager, large electrical motors are required to operate the crushers, rotate the massive kilns, and power the induced draft fans. By using Generators, the company avoided delays in commissioning the plant and was able to begin production six to eight months earlier.

Yamaha Generators

Yamaha Generators come in a wide variety for most any power generation need. Their two most popular model lines would definitely be their EF and YG series. The EF is the best selling for home, camping and general use. For more heavy duty industrial or contractor applications, the YG series is the most sought after power generator.
The EF family offers a range of power generation capabilities from 1000 to 6600 watts. They have great appeal to the general public, the run very quiet characteristics and have great versatility. Their low noise qualities make them an excellent choice for campers keeping neighboring campsites at ease. This also attracts many buyers who need a quiet unit for home use.

Generator Blackout

The power went out about 4 p.m. and my first concern was all of the food in our freezer. Our Class C motor home was sitting in the driveway, so we turned on the propane then the refrigerator. As soon as it was cold, we brought over all the contents of our refrigerator in our house to the one in the motor home. We powered up our Generac generator and ran a cord to our chest freezer in the house, keeping the refrigerator in the motor home running as well. After that, we put the TV antenna up and watched the news. We could have prepared supper in our motor home as well, but cooked hamburgers out on our gas grill. I’m definitely spoiled with modern conveniences and thanks to our RV and awesome generator; I can continue to enjoy those conveniences even when the outside world can’t.

Marine Generators

For the avid boater there aren’t many things quite like getting out on the water and feeling the salt spray on your face and smelling that sea air. But as any boater knows, it is always best to be prepared for any and all circumstances, both good and bad. Because of this reason and because of their convenience, marine generators are definitely an essential piece of equipment that no serious boater should be without. Learning about all the various types of generators out there and knowing and understanding your particular specific needs will help you decide which one will be right for you.
One important thing to think about is your need for power. It is very important to find a generator that is big enough to handle your electrical needs and the workload of all the appliances that might be run while on the boat. As an informed consumer you need to research the differences between small marine diesel generators and a dc marine generator, for example. Also, there is the question of what sort of fuel you want your small marine generator to run on. You need to weigh the pros and cons of diesel or propane or gas. As the generator fuel consumption varies with each, this will be an important factor in your choice as well.

Safety Tips

Plug appliances directly into generator
Don’t attempt to connect your generator directly to your homes circuits or wiring. You should have an electrician install a transfer switch, and plug the generator into this switch. This will keep your generator from feeding power back into the lines, which could put power company crews working on the lines at risk. This will also protect your generator and home wiring from any damage that could occur when power is restored.
Use heavy-duty extension cords from the generator to avoid overloaded cords that can cause fires and equipment damage. Make sure all cords are placed properly to avoid tripping hazards, but don’t put underneath carpets or anywhere where heat may build up.
Never run a generator indoors, and make sure there is proper ventilation all around unit.
Never re-fuel your generator while it is running. Avoid spilling fuel on hot components, and put out all flames or cigarettes when handling fuel.
Consider tri-fuel generators to avoid multiple trips to the gas station and downtime.
Always have a fully charged and approved fire extinguisher close by to your generator.
Don’t overload the generator; only use it when necessary to power essential equipment.
Be cautious handling electrical cords in wet conditions.

Food For thought

I run a catering business. And I pride myself on maintaining the freshest food and ingredients. On the eve of a big wedding reception the power in the building went out. No explanation, it just went out. Now if I wasn’t as savvy and calm I might have lost my cool. Fresh seafood. Chilled desserts. 3 hours until the reception. No problem. You see as soon as the power in the building went out our back up standby generator kicked in and kept my the food cool and this let me kept my cool.

Harsh Climate

When I moved from California to Buffalo I was warned about the climate difference. Snow storms, ice storms. You know mother natures coldest weather systems seemed to be the stomping grounds of where I was going to move my family. My brother in law who had lived in an area such as this had told me with all confidence to invest in a home generator. “Trust me on this one.” He told me. So I bought a power generator and we were now in our new home. The snow and ice was such a shock to me. Definitely felt like a fish out of water. The winters there here can be pretty harsh but it’s always nice to come to a nice warm home. Within, our first winter we were hit by a huge ice storm. Cars, were encased in ice, trees looked like they were made of glass. And without fail the power was out and would be out for a couple days. If it wasn’t for my brother in laws pushing for me to get a generator my family and I would have been frozen solid.

Sound advice

So my brother called me the other day inquiring about my generator in my RV. He bought an RV and was asking if there was anything he needed to know. I asked him if the sales rep didn’t explain all of this stuff to him prior to purchasing. He said no. I asked if he was sure. You see, my brother was always a little to gung ho about certain things and didn’t really sweat the details or repercussion. A purchase of a snow blower comes to mind when he rarely gets any snow. Probably a months worth of snow he gets. But I’m going off topic. Luckily, for him a RV is a great purchase especially since he likes to take his family on a lot of spur of the moment trips. So I gave him the rundown on the generator. He needs to make sure that he turns it on every now and then when he isn’t using the RV. About once a month. Also, I let him know that he shouldn’t have to worry about not using the RV’s A/C because its more energy efficient to use the RV’s A/C and not the console ac. I also went into detail about not running the portable generator past certain hours on a camp ground because the sound is inconsiderate to your fellow campers and you may get a stern talking to from an elderly couple. Like I did… But that’s about all I needed to tell him for now.

Home is where the work is

Working from home can be the best thing ever. No going to an office, no commutes and you work on your own hours and in the comfort of your own home! You see I run my own little web business. I create web sites and designs and I also host from home. Because I host from here I thought it would be important to have a home generator just in case the power goes out. If my power goes out and the servers go down then I’m in deep DEEP trouble. Within a year of buying my generator I was starting to question if I made the right choice. I bought a generator but there have been no power outs. All of my regrets washed away when one stormy day the power went kaput. The generator kicked in and my servers were safe and sound. Thanks to this generator the clients who I host didn’t even know anything was wrong.

Coastal Storms

I live in an area where we are prone to coastal storms. I’m not close to the water so my house is safe from damage but the power is almost always certain to go out at the first sign of those dark storm clouds. For the longest time I and my family would just ride it out and wait for the power to come back on. Some times it would take a couple minutes, sometimes a couple hours or even a couple days. There’s just no way of actually knowing for sure. I mean its not like you can turn on the news and see when the power will come on. How could you? There’s no power to turn on the tv. After a while, my husband decided to buy a Generac generator. It’s great! Anytime the power goes out now the generator kicks in. What’s even better is that it’s fairly quiet! I don’t know how we even lived without a generator.