Norwall Stocks Up On Out-Of-Stock Items

With the latest spike in generator sales some products have been hard to find, models have been sold out and waiting times are taking longer than usual from the factory in some cases. That is why Norwall has stocked up on numerous of the popular and essential items. We want to make sure your order can be sent out right away, without any waiting time.

With a variety of needs out there, we wanted to make sure we had some of everything. Our stocking location is full, with inverters ranging from 800-7000Watts, portables from 2000-10,000+ Watts, home standby 6-20kW and whole house from 22-45kW. This includes some of our most purchased generators like the Generac Portable XG Series XG8000E with electric start and the 18/20kW/LP Generator and 200 Amp ATS for Whole House. In addition, we have slashed prices to help you save on expenditures during this hurricane season.

If you have not yet had a chance or the funds to provide yourself and your family with the comfort of a generating power system it may be an opportune time now. Hurricane season is just past the middle mark with 2  1/2 months of the season remaining. As Richard Kline once said “Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control”.

How Great It Is To See People Preparing

It is good to see Americans preparing themselves for the worst case scenario this hurricane season. Since Hurricane Irene, generator sales have accelerated, informing us the situation is not being taken lightly.  More and more people are committing in standby and portable generating systems as part of their survival and comfort plans to ride out this chilling period.

According to an online forum, generators have had a recent parallel when it comes to purchases. Apparently generators and chain saws have been the two must-have items for many. In some areas where there are many poles and trees, locals have been using the two as a before and after team. The generator to provide consolation and safety, while the chainsaw to clean up the after effects.

With approximately 78 days left to go we have already been a part of 12 tropical storms, 1 tropical depression and 2 hurricanes. We sincerely hope that the worst of it has come and past, but as all hurricane seasons begin, we know there is no knowing until it has gone. With this in mind, it is still critical to keep a “Hurricane preparedness Kit” close at hand. As we have talked about before, some critical items are: cash, medical supplies, food, water, utility items such as batteries, flashlights and lanterns. Of course, keep your insurance up to date, cars fueled and have a family go-to plan.

RV Generators

RV Generators are a great asset to any motor home or RV. We tend to take our electricity at home for granted because we don’t do much to maintain it except pay a bill at the end of the month. With the RV we expect electricity to be there but it isn’t. A generator completes an RV. It gives you the power and electricity it needs to run and maintain you and your family.

The only issue with an RV generator and any generator as a matter of fact is that it isn’t exercised enough. particularly when you have a gas generator, it will gum up and therefore have a hard time starting when it sits for too long. A generator needs to be exercised just like a person. imagine sitting for a year without moving…it would hurt to get up.

Are You Prepared For The Next Hurricane?

An estimated 5.1 million homes and businesses are still without power from North Carolina to Maine. Local utility companies can’t make any guarantees but say it could take days to restore power in more accessible areas, but could takes a few weeks before they get power up and running in harder-hit areas. For those individuals who have never been devoid of power for an extended period of time, can you imagine going weeks without electricity? No lights. No refrigeration. No air conditioning, etc. Sadly for many, this is just another hurricane to endure.

In today’s modern world, electricity is a basic requirement and is critical for safety, comfort and convenience. The widespread use of electronics, information and communications technology for work and Amusement in recent years has furthered our dependency on electricity. Residential and business users are increasingly investing in standby or back-up power generators to provide electricity during events such as this.

Keeping as protected and comfortable as possible during this unforeseeable time is of the utmost importance. This entails being prepared, prepared, and prepared. This includes but is not limited to:

Know your evacuation zone:  Plan to relocate if you are in an evacuation zone or a mobile home.

Insurance: ensure there is ample insurance for all vehicles, personal property and real estate. If you rent or lease an apartment make sure to have renters insurance.

identify your risk of flood damage: If your home is at risk of flooding call your insurance company to evaluate their flood policies. Many insurance companies require extra coverage for this.

Create a family household disaster plan: In case the family gets separated have an out of town relative you can call or a place to go where each person can get shelter and safety. It is also smart to have a backup plan incase plan A goes wrong.

Let others know of your whereabouts and plans.

Arrange for the safety and comfort of your pets.

Monitor local news stations, radio and online reports for hurricane updates.

Prepare a hurricane ready kit: Prepare yourself to be without food and water for a minimum of 3 days or longer. A few things you will need are: canned and non-perishable foods, 1 gallon of water per day per person for 3-7 days; cooking tools, camp stove and fuel, lantern, candles, lighters and matches; flashlights and batteries, cell phone, cooler with ice, baby necessities and special items, elderly items, toiletries, tape, valuable documents, Id and records; games for children, blankets, towels, clothing and a first aid kit; keys, garbage bags, pet items, a  fire extinguisher, chain saw, gas and oil. plywood and nails, rope and small tools. Please be aware this is a general list.

purchase a standby or portable generator: Invest in a standby generator for long term safety, reliability and power during uncertain times. For short term use and emergency situations take a look at acquiring a portable generator for your electrical needs.

While there are currently no warning reports in effect, the National Hurricane Center has said that “Tropical Storm Katia is likely to become a hurricane later today”. She is shifting west-northwest at 21mph and is currently about 1,100 miles west of Cape Verde Islands. Area dwellers are prompted to start preparing if they are not already prepared.

Have You Seen Us On The Weather Channel?

Since Friday, we are pleased to report an enormous number of viewers have been tuning into our TV commercials on the Weather Channel, particularly, The Dish Network and Verizon. With only 60 airings, our current number of viewers has hit over 14 Million – that is 14,413,685 to be exact.

If you have yet to catch the air time, which is still running, the broadcast features Generac’s “Never feel powerless” formula in hopes that viewers will also feel less victimized by hurricane Irene’s terrorizing nature.  Inevitably, the purchases for portable generators have been going through the roof.  In a recent article in the business journal serving greater Milwaukee, Generac tells reporters they have been “shipping around the clock”.

The commercial closes by showcasing our name in the final scene, “Norwall PowerSystems” highlighting our commitments and performance “We supply the WORLD with emergency POWER”.

We are delighted to comment, our 15 seconds of fame has informed and saved the power breaks of many residence and business owners, as opposed to the reported 6 million along the East Coast that are without electricity.

Thank you to all who have watched our announcement and supported us.

Get Your Portable Generators NOW!

With hurricane Irene coming in quickly, it is critical to take all necessary precautions. A portable generator can quickly and effectively keep your family safe and secure during this unpredictable storm.

The Miami based hurricane centre said “Irene is forecast to become a larger than average hurricane”. Irene is currently moving at a category 2 and anticipated to hit an alarming category 4.  Everybody living on the eastern coast of the U.S. should monitor Irene closely and take immediate steps to keep as safe and comfortable as possible. Authorities along the U.S. Atlantic seaboard whom are watching Irene’s path, say Irene may even sweep up near New York City early next week.

With comfort and confirmation, forecasts show Irene is no threat to the U.S. oil and gas instillations in the gulf of Mexico, and therefore anticipate gas to be a safe emergency power fuel. Norwall Power Systems has a lineup of emergency power generators that run on gasoline ready for purchasers to take prompt advantage of. There are literally 1000’s in stock. A portable generator is small, economical and will keep home necessities running such as, lights, refrigerator and other vital appliances.

Although a portable generator is perfect for many situations, like the current hurricane, for future home or business safety and reliability, a standby generator will provide automatic power to a number of erratic situations.  Black-outs, brown-outs, inclement weather, tornados, electrical storms, accidents, power plant issues are just a few of the increasing conditions we need to prepare for, and be ready for.  Of course these generators are more costly than a portable, but they have an infinite number of hours on them in comparison, and also start automatically once they sense a power disruption.

The Generac Guardian 8kW generator is a trustworthy unit that lasts three to four times longer than most, and needs less maintenance check-ups than equivalent standby brands. For further power and performance, the Generac Guardian 20kW is a popular and effective choice.

This past Monday, Irene, still a tropical storm, scattered across the northeast Caribbean islands creating a lightning strike fire, destroying a mansion on Necker Island, owned by the British billionaire Richard Branson.

With that said, don’t leave your family and belongings to chance. Get your power generator delivered in as little as a few days.

Generac Power Systems

Generac has been keeping families and businesses cherished since 1959 with reliable power, trusted prices and innovative products you can count on.

Their commitment to clients stands above the rest and extends beyond the generator buy. Their Nationwide dealer network offers a service called ‘The Generator Installation Program’ that can be bought by way of an authorized dealer like ‘Norwall Power systems’.  For a small fee of $89.00 you can purchase an in-home survey where a rep will come out to your home to assess the appropriate size of your backup power needs and review important installation particulars. The survey will also involve measuring the circuits you wish to backup, reviewing the site for necessary rep work, looking for non-typical issues that sometimes occur and a detailed generator transfer switch and installation package proposal. Furthermore, you will be informed of any installation solutions or custom electrical work of costs that may arise. Scheduled upkeep and warranty options will also be reviewed for your comfort.

Once you have determined to go ahead with the installation you will not only be credited back the survey-fee, putting it towards your new generator but you will acquire an installation bundle. The package will include: installation preparation, electrical connections and materials, consultation and planning, site preparation, generator placement, basic electric installation, materials, testing and start up, site cleanup and a final walk through demonstration. The installation bundle does not include permits or fuel connection due to varying specifications.

It is of course recommended to do some research on numerous types of generators before hand, to get a feel for the variety of generator you want. Yyou will find an array of high quality products produced by Generac.