20kW Standby Generator Comparison

20kw Standby Generator Comparison

Standby generators supply backup power during an outage, whether for a couple of hours or maybe a couple weeks following a major storm like Hurricane Sandy. Manufacturers including Generac, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, and Cummins Power Generation offer various models with both common and different features.

A standby generator can operate automatically when associated with a home or office using an automatic transfer switch. The switch along with the generator’s controller must interact in order to provide automatic operation. Some generators hand off certain functions for the transfer switch, others handle each of the main functions and control the transfer switch directly.

Common Features

Power quality is a large factor with today’s sensitive electronic products and all the major generator manufacturers offer utility-quality power, even under heavy and changing loads, with digital voltage and engine speed regulation.

Standby generators can sit for months looking forward to a power outage. Disuse allows seals to dry up and lack of lubrication makes it possible for oxidation and corrosion. Exercise periods keep your engine lubricated preventing seals from becoming dry, and test the unit to help it become willing to operate. Exercise intervals cover anything from weekly to once a month, along with the intervals on many models are programmable.

Corrosion resistant enclosures that meet fire standards will be the norm with aluminum and galvaaneal steel powder-coated lockable cabinets that fully enclose the units and allow access for servicing and maintenance.

Other common features range from the accessibility to wireless monitoring, low engine oil shutdown, over-crank and also over-temperature protection, overload protection, fully pressurized lubrication, and engine cool-down operation.

Available Power

Manufacturers rate their 20kW standby generators by the quantity of continuous power they can provide, and not all generator ratings are equal. Briggs & Stratton, Generac, and Cummins Onan all offer standby generators that run on either LP or propane, only provide a full 20kW of power while running on LP. The generators are derated while operating on propane and definately will only provide up 18kW of continuous power.

Kohler generators are made to run on either LP or NG, and they also give the rated power for that generator. A 20kW NG standby unit will supply 20,000 watts of power, identical to the similar model that is run on LP gas.

Reserve power is never advertised by standby generator manufacturers, but generators can supply a supplementary boost of power for a couple of seconds to get started on large, high quality motors.

Remote Options

Generac uses cellular phone txt messaging system making use of their Mobile Link offering to provide status and maintenance updates because of their 20kW generator on any text-message-capable cell phone. Mobile Link offers web access from the computer, tablet, or smart phone that features programming exercise periods or scheduling maintenance.

Cummins Onan can email updates, send maintenance requests to technicians, and allow viewing generator status on the internet.

Kohler Power Systems has the On Cue Home Generator Power Management System, that enables homeowners to look at real-time 20kW standby generator status, view and reset diagnostic codes, check status messages, and look at multiple generators for a passing fancy screen.


Each of the 20kW generator manufacturers offer warranties applicable to standby power applications the place where a utility supply is connected. Off-grid systems not attached to the utility supply have no coverage with the standard consumer warranties.

Kohler’s consumer warranty is several years or 2000 hours. In some off-grid applications as being a standby unit, they provide an 18 month/1000 hour warranty. Labor is simply covered through the first 2 years after installation.

Generac offers a 5 year consumer warranty with complete coverage for that first 2 years, coverage only on parts in year three, and limited coverage around the alternator and engine in years 4 and 5.

Briggs & Stratton supplies a 4 year, 1600 hour limited warranty on parts and labor.

Cummins Power Systems supplies a limited consumer warranty for 5yrs or 2000 hours. Off grid applications have warranty coverage for twelve months or 1000 hours. Travel and labor are covered for that first 2 years.

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Onan Power Generators

Onan Power Generators

Cummins Onan began in 1920 and supplies generators for RVs, boats, commercial, and emergency vehicles, standby power, and portable applications. With previous quality and trust that spans more than 90 years, Cummins Power Generation is a name you can rely on and a product you’ll be able to depend on to offer power whenever and wherever it is needed.

RV Generators

Cummins Onan has RV generators running on gasoline, diesel, or propane (LP gas) in sizes to match even most demanding needs of recreational vehicles, including those with three rooftop ac units.

Diesel generators for RVs range in proportions from 3,200 to 12,500 watts with six models to choose from. These generators exceed the country’s Park Service standards for acceptable noise levels with a specially engineered enclosure, even under full load. Easily accessible for maintenance and self diagnostic capabilities make owning and taking advantage of a diesel RV generator incredibly easy.

Gasoline generators in nine models supply 2800 to 7000 watts of power, including three models that meet California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements. Onan gasoline generators feature digital power regulation with low noise and vibration, the light little design, exceptional fuel economy, and easy installation.

For SUTs, fifth-wheels {and Type A and C RVs, LP generators provide 2500 to 6500 watts of power. Enclosed mufflers and vibration reducing enclosures keep your generators exceptionally quiet. Additional features include digital voltage regulation and easy access for maintenance.

Marine Generators

Small boats, yachts, and ships have serious power requirements, and Onan Marine Generators step-up towards the plate with sixteen Quiet Diesel generators rated from 5 kilowatts through 99 kilowatts. The QD series is certified to satisfy US EPA requirements where you can meet a world-wide network of distributors and dealers.

QD generators from Cummins are self-monitoring and speak with the craft’s onboard network. The digital display provides user-friendly facts about self diagnostics, engine and alternator operation, and text displays for reports and standing.

The 17kW and greater models can be bought in either single-phase, 120/240-volts, or three-phase units supplying power at 120/208 – 277 volts. Units smaller than 17kW offer single-phase current at 120/240 volts.

Commercial Mobile

Probably the largest type of Onan Generators are are their Commercial Mobile generators.

Fire and rescue applications frequently use Cummins Onan PTO and hydraulic generators who use far less space than comparable diesel generators. Their Protec PTO generators supply 15,000 to 35,000 watts of power, even though the Commercial HG compilation of hydraulic models can generate 6000 to 25,000 watts of power.

Seven Commercial Quiet Diesel designs have rated outputs from 5000 to 12,000 watts. Applications where noise is a lesser amount of a problem are able to use the Commercial Standard Diesel, with 7500, 10,000 and 20,000 watt models. All the diesel generators offer exceptional reliability, reduced vibration, and two year, 2000 hour warranties.

Commercial Quiet Gas propane-powered generators sized from 2500 to 6500 watts supply quality power with reduced noise levels, easy servicing, and digital voltage regulation for lightweight little installations. The Quiet Gas line comes with gasoline-powered generators from 2800 to 7000 watts.

Residential Standby

Residential standby generators supply electricity to homes during a power outage. Onan offers 13 and 20kW air-cooled models to meet the requirements of all homes, and 20kW to 100kW liquid-cooled generators that will supply even most power hungry luxury homes with electrical energy during an outage. Cummins Onan standby generators run on either LP gas (propane) or natural gas.

Standby generators require a mechanical transfer switch, so when associated with a ATS panel from Cummins Power Generation, their standby generators are fully automatic, supplying power and protecting homes even if the homeowner just isn’t present. Cummins Onan standby generators feature digital voltage and frequency regulation to produce utility quality power.

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