Hydrogen Generators

Another type of hydrogen generator is a fueling station for hydrogen cars. Keep in mind that not all fueling stations function as generators, however. The ones that are will either be reform natural gas such as the Honda Home Energy Station IV or they will use sunlight or wind-power to electrolyze water to create hydrogen. Aside from the large commercial hydrogen fueling stations, another type of station that is being developed is the home hydrogen fueling station. These types of hydrogen generators such as being developed by Honda (previously mentioned), General Motors and perhaps even General Electric are meant to sit in one’s garage and generate fuel for one’s car.
Another kind of hydrogen generator is commonly used in the industrial marketplace. Hydrogen is generated for use for the electronics industry, petroleum refineries, metals processing, glass manufacturing and hydrogenation of food products.
Then there are ultra high purity hydrogen generators common in the medical and research fields. This type of hydrogen generator usually uses distilled or de-ionized water to create the high purity H2 for gas chromatography or other medical and research applications.