Deciding on Installing Your Home Standby Generator Yourself

Install a Home Standby Generator Yourself: Why/ Why Not?

Standby generators come together with the automatic transfer switch to supply electrical energy throughout a power outage. Installation just isn’t necessarily a complex job, nonetheless it does require knowledge past the scope of many do-it-yourself books. Handling the project yourself rather than employing an experienced and qualified installer can stretch your budget, nonetheless it probably will take more time. You will find pros and cons to handling it as being a do it yourself project and employing an expert.


Most effective standby generator installation uses a load center combined with an automatic transfer switch within a unit. The transfer switch connects to some double-pole breaker in the primary service panel. The circuits the generator will power are disconnected in the primary panel and routed into the new automatic transfer switch where these are associated with new breakers.
Other installations switch the main service panel with a brand new one that incorporates the automated transfer switch, or even the ATS is installed between the meter and also the existing panel.
Plumbing to increase the home’s gas lines for the standby generator is essential with an assessment in the gas utility meter to make certain it’ll handle the elevated flow of gas. Or else, the utility requires a brand new meter installation.

Electrical Work

Should you be knowledgeable enough to accomplish the project yourself which will also enable it to convince the local building inspector that you can handle the job, you may be around the installation. Understanding of the country’s Electric Code in regards to the installation as well as your service entrance, along with a extensively recorded policy for installation can help create a permit to proceed which has a generator installation, but you will still need to fit everything in correctly and pass the inspection.
Failure to incorporate important codes or making dangerous mistakes might prompt the inspector to require you to hire a mason after the fact, which will probably amount to more cash in the long run. Using a “No Occupancy” tag slapped on your home simply because you made lots of mistakes can send you off to a motel and incur more expense until the problems are corrected and your generator passes installation.

Plumbing Work

Linking to your home’s propane or LP gas supply lines is necessary. Natural gas lines for the new standby generator are run with black iron pipe, and LP gas uses copper or plastic tubing. You will require the skill to generate leak-free connections and then test for leaks following the installation.
Building inspectors shy of house owners that might like to do their very own gas line plumbing work, and gas utilities feel exactly the same. The danger of explosion or suffocation from leaking gas is great when errors happen and gas lines leak. Explosion danger reaches neighboring homes.


When to Do-It-Yourself

Should you be positive about your talent and may have the building permit, then go on and install your standby generator and automatic transfer switch. Follow every one of the manufacturer instructions in addition to all local building codes. The structure inspector must be other people you know through the installation and may offer advice and caveats. Should you come across conditions lead you to deviate from your plan, call the inspector to be sure the newest plan is acceptable. Most of all, never proceed with purchasing materials or starting the installation before you have the proper permits.

When to Employ a Pro

Understand that you’re working with electricity and will also be exposed to dangerous electrical currents. You will need to make use of your home’s gas lines and make a leak-free pipe run and connection to the standby generator. Failure either in of the trades might cause severe injury or death. If you’re not positive about your abilities with proven experience, hire an authority. It’s worth the peace of mind and saving a few bucks isn’t worth losing the life of someone you care about or yourself.

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